To excel at surveillance, it takes more than a camera and tinted windows. It takes experience, preparation and the right tools.  At Triune Investigations, we combine these to bring you accurate information. We conduct pre-surveillance research to identify any useful information in advance that will help anticipate a subject’s activities. We plan the best strategies, send the best investigators and take state of the art equipment for clear video documentation.


Background Research


Background research is necessary in a variety of situations. Whether you are trying to understand the habits of an individual, history of legal activities or locate someone, a thorough review of their civil and criminal history as well as their social media presence is crucial. What you get from a background investigation will depend greatly depend on the number of resources used. We begin with basic research through databases utilized by most investigators and then start digging deeper to understand each individual as well as possible. Don’t settle for basic information – your case depends on it!


Civil / Criminal Case Research


With so many companies offering “Background Checks” on the internet for low fees, it is easy to walk away with the idea that there is one simple place to check for all these records. That simply does not exist. Often what is being offered is a check for any records in a compiled database system – which is not comprehensive. Information is housed by local governments and it is available by different means according to state, county, district and local parish or municipal laws. We will be glad to discuss with you the specific needs you have and the best way to go about getting the answers and information you seek.


Social Media Checks


Searching social media profiles is one aspect of a background investigation. With the explosion of social media sites and platforms, there is often a wealth of information. While most people are familiar with the larger social media sites, using those sites daily for social purposes is much different than utilizing them as an investigative tool. With multiple methods for finding individual sites on hundreds of different social media platforms, an investigator can often locate additional information in cyberspace.


Asset searches


Neighborhood Canvassing


Medical Records Canvassing


Witness Locates


Witness Interviews