Smart Strategy

Triune Investigations is committed to finding the information you need. That may include fact gathering through research or field investigations and we handle both with integrity you can count on. We combine tried and true methods employed by investigators throughout the years with innovative technology.  The result? – results!

As investigations companies grow larger and larger, it is easy for cases to become just a number in a system. At Triune Investigations, your case matters. We will discuss strategies, give accurate expectations, and go beyond the one extra mile to provide the best service possible. When you need an investigator you can trust, one you can rely on; when you need a solution – Triune Investigations is just a phone call away.

Honest, Reliable, Solutions. 

It’s not just a catchy phrase, it’s what we are all about. We believe in building a strategy for effective investigations based on a strong understanding of what information we can develop and the probabilities of success. We will always be upfront with you about possibilities and probabilities and will work with you to find the truth.